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A little about me

I made this group on a site called Tengaged. My current account name is Dmpwb45, but all my other accounts are Dmpwb, so thats what i prefer to call myself. My real name is Damien and im 16 ( its 2011 so if you see this in the future do the math ) When i started Tengaged i was Dmpwb but that account got banned but i totaly moved on now

Why i made this game

As most of you know i have a nevw sucessful Long Games series as well. But while that game was in play i had nothing to do.... so i made this... over the coruse of a long game i have small little games, mostly consisting of killer games, murder mysteries and role playing games.


Seasons Winner Runner-Up 3rd
Season 1 rstar2468 Quinn791 NeonCoke
Season 2 cnathaniel Chee5e55ave5 Donutdude556
Season 3 cnathaniel rstar2468 Hikeygirl101
Season 4 kindlycruel1 Ninihead25 Bdreezy15
Season 5 ?????????? ?????????? ??????????